Cake or Not Cake?
Cake or Not Cake?

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A Christmas to Savour
A Christmas to Savour
Real Magic

Coca-Cola – Real Magic

The challenge

Help the world celebrate the ‘Real Magic’ of humanity for Coca-Cola’s new global brand platform.

What we did

We created the ‘Hug’, a simple yet powerful design solution that allows the brand to share endless moments of ‘Real Magic’ on a global scale.

Inspired by how the Coca-Cola logo has always wrapped around its signature product, the ‘Hug’ is at the centre of the global campaign platform, Coca-Cola’s first in five years. The asset will be used across all media channels including television, out of home advertising and merchandise.

The diverse range of ‘Real Magic’ moments range from global cultural events like watching the Olympics and celebrating Christmas, to joyful everyday moments that the product heightens for its consumers, like hanging out with friends, are shared with consistency and brand clarity. 

To ensure consistency and inspire Coca-Cola’s large roster of global creative partners, we created an extensive Design Strategy and Principles Toolkit. These included seven core principles for what ‘Real Magic’ could look like, how the ‘Hug’ should be used, and the importance of inclusion and diversity in casting and collaboration. 

Kenyon Weston provided additional design development in collaboration with Coca-Cola. KnownUnknown, a global network of independent talent, extended the identity and campaign, including photography, animations and illustrations. 

The effects

Check back at a later date for results.

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