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Don’t Change Your Dream, Change The World

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Converse – Spark Progress

The challenge

Create a London-centric campaign for Converse.

What we did

We created Spark Progress, a new anthem film for Converse which celebrates London’s creative community, a generation of empowered youth who are driving their own futures.

As the kick off of the brand’s SP19 campaign, W+K London’s debut work for Converse stands as a larger statement of the brand’s commitment to London youth and aim to co-create with and help them achieve.

The film, which documents the creative process of five London-based women inclusive of their ambitions, trials, tensions and successes across their respective journeys, features Ama Lou, singer, songwriter & film-maker; Paria Farzaneh, Iranian menswear designer; Lava La Rue, singer, skater & artist; RAYE, singer & songwriter; and Feng Chen Wang, menswear designer.

Known for setting their own agendas to achieve success in each of their creative fields, the stories of these women – who each represent the spirit of the Converse brand and are ongoing creative partners – are intended to inspire other young talented and inspirational individuals to continue to push progress forward.

Co-created with the women and shot across London, from Ladbroke Grove bedrooms and Hackney studios to Peckham rooftops and the iconic Printworks venue, the film blends footage from the subjects’ everyday lives with ethereal spaces representing the pivotal moment before they share their creations with the world. It is this approach that offers a raw glimpse into the highs and lows of being a young creative in the city, and the ability to break through.

Their journey is exemplified by the film’s mantra: “while others are busy deciding our future, we’re busy making our own.”

While the film documents the specifics stories of its five co-creators, Spark Progress represents more than a tagline – it is the start of a journey from the brand to youth in London and beyond. The spirit of this campaign is what has connected the Converse brand to culture for decades.

To recognise the work happening across the broader community, Converse is offering its canvas to a community of young creatives across industries – including fashion, music and skate – that are just starting out on their journeys. Over the next year, Converse will help enable their progress through support of their creative projects and powerful storytelling.

To support Spark Progress, Converse have launched an official London page –, which will be a platform to host real stories from the youth collaborating with Converse across the city. Additionally, the brand has launched a London specific Instagram channel @converse_london, that is dedicated to showcasing the work young progress-makers in the city are creating with the brand.


The effects

The film amassed 2.5m views on YouTube on its first day of release. Check back at a later date for further results.

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