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Life’s A Shindig

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P&G – Thank You, Mum

The challenge

To boost sales of P&G products through its sponsorship of the Olympic Games.

What we did

P&G challenged us to create an authentic connection between their brand purpose and the Olympics. We recognised that P&G was not in the business of helping athletes, but they are in the business of helping mums. P&G supports the devoted mum behind every talented and devoted Olympian.

The global TV spot “Best Job” showed the hard work all mums do to raise their children – a lifetime of chauffeuring their children about, washing their clothes, providing meals on the run and supporting them at practices and competitions – all to see their children succeed. The hardest job in the world, is the best job in the world.

The campaign showcased P&G products and the TV was supported with long form content, through-the-line activity and an on-the-ground ‘Family Home’ where the athletes’ mums could experience the best service thanks to P&G and its products during the Games.

The effects

The business results were outstanding: $130million in incremental sales.

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