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Cravendale – Cats With Thumbs

The challenge

To maintain Cravendale’s position as the only brand in the filtered milk category, whilst attracting even more customers to the dairy brand.

What we did

It was apparent that people don’t get too excited about milk. It is just ‘the white stuff’ after all. But unlike most people, Cravendale is passionate about milk. And we realised that we’d need to find something that the Great British public could relate to. Cats. People love cats. And cats love milk. So we wondered what would happen in a world in which cats evolve opposable thumbs. And so the campaign was born: a whole new world for Cravendale to show that ‘Milk Matters’.

We seeded our campaign about ‘cats with thumbs’ online with content about ‘Jimmy’. He even made it to page three of the Metro. And whist chat about ‘cats with thumbs’ was taking the country by storm, we launched Cravendale’s TV campaign nationwide. The internet exploded. The brand was trending. People couldn’t get enough of the stuff.

We gave the star of the show, Bertrum, his own platform on Facebook and interest only grew…A new star was born. And a lot of milk was sold.

The effects

The campaign helped establish Cravendale as UK’s #1 branded milk in a market dominated by own label. It contributed to 9% YOY sales uplift in a time of unprecedented commercial pressure. The ad was voted ITV’s Ad of the Year by the good people of the UK.

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