Thank You, Mum
Thank You, Mum

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Nike – Grid

The challenge

To raise the profile of Nike Running amongst young, urban runners.

What we did

We knew that a message-based campaign wouldn’t be be enough to get youngsters running. So, our approach was to augment the running experience with a gaming experience.

We created The Grid: turning London into a game board, and challenging runners to ‘claim their streets’ by amassing points for runs they completed. Players ran between specially assigned phone boxes and postcodes, and logged their runs by calling a Freephone #, and entering their unique player code. Points, badges and prizes were awarded for speed, attrition, routes and various other ‘Glitch’ games.

The effects

A total of 31,000 runs were logged with players collectively running half the circumference of the Earth – that’s over 12,500 miles…

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