The Holiday Hustle

Marshalls – The Holiday Hustle

The challenge

Create Marshall’s 2023 Christmas campaign.

What we did

As the holidays are filled with cheer, they also inevitably evoke a bit of stress for shoppers searching for crave-worthy gifts for everyone on their lists. So we wanted to position buyers as gifting heroes, committed to hustling for deals so Marshalls consumers can gift the good stuff this holiday season.

With this in mind, we wanted to create an epic ‘Christmas movie magic’ feeling, yet it eventually turned out that blockbuster action movies were the real-life inspiration for this larger-than-life spot.

Titled “The Holiday Hustle”, Marshalls buyers embark on a journey, beyond the North Pole, in some seriously chich fashion, to discover an incredible gifting emporium. There, a world of wonder with a touch of holiday move magic is uncovered, featuring a treasure trove of incredible fashionable, home and beauty gifts, stylish holiday helpers and a breathtaking 27-foot Christmas Tree crafted from designer handbags encircled by a classic toy train. 

Backed by Madonna’s iconic track “4 Minutes”, the memorable ad tells the story of the buyer’s expertise in finding high-quality gifts, even up to the last minute, in a fun and engaging way.

The effects

 Check back later for results.

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