Life’s A Shindig

Tyrrells – Life’s A Shindig

The challenge

To increase sales of the posh crisps by launching the brand’s first ever advertising campaign.

What we did

For the first time ever, Tyrrells were no longer reliant solely on PR, word of mouth and just retail drives. We had helped Tyrrells find its voice. An incredibly English and eccentric voice which quite rightly places the crisps at the heart of spontaneous gatherings.

The craft of the outdoor campaign, which was featured all over London and the South East, took Tyrrells to the next level: each crisp featured on the posters was captured over 30 times to showcase it in all its glory.

The effects

Sales in Tesco stores in proximity to the campaign increased by 31%.  And in addition, stores advertising Tyrrells increased by 46% a month after campaign launch.

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