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The Neverending Stocking
The Neverending Stocking

Sainsbury's – The Toughest Critics

The challenge

Launch Little Ones, Sainsbury’s new baby food range.

What we did

The world’s toughest critic. Not Grace Dent, Giles Coren, or Jay Rayner. Dukes, Duchesses or even the Queen herself can’t compete with your run-of-the-mill baby, when it comes to being the most difficult customer.

Sainsbury’s knows that the reality of feeding your baby can be hard (and not at all like it is in the books or glossy magazines). That’s why we hosted a baby banquet – to show the reality of babies being babies.

Successful service is guaranteed, thanks to the Sainsbury’s extensive new Little Ones baby food range which has been designed to make things easier for parents. Because happy parents make happy babies.

The effects

Check back at a later date for results.

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