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TK Maxx – Why Would Anyone Shop At TK Maxx?

The challenge

Grow market share by bringing to life what makes TK Maxx different: the spontaneous, surprising nature of the shopping experience.

What we did

TK Maxx’s high street presence is well established and many shoppers are hugely loyal aficionados of the store. But we were challenged to remind people about what makes TK Maxx different. In a world of shopping predictability, TK Maxx truly stands for something different – for surprising possibilities.

We brought this insight to life in our launch work for the brand. From shelves in store through to national TV, we talked about Ridiculous Possibilities, highlighting the world of bizarre yet brilliant opportunities opened up by the labels-for-less retail experience. A truly ownable campaign for a truly unique store.

Ridiculous Possibilities continues with Why Would Anyone Shop at TK Maxx?

The eclectic film, shot in characteristically eccentric cinematic style, opens with a dinner party scene attended by a suitably diverse mix of guests who one by one showcase why shopping in TK Maxx is different, but ultimately worth it. Narrated by Bill Nighy, each explanation transports the audience to a delightfully odd scenario made possible by the combination of big labels and small prices offered at TK Maxx; cue the most glamorous game of squash ever, a magical desert island inhabited by an outfit-switching pianist, and a woman brazenly blow-drying her hair on the bow of a speedboat.

The campaign proudly acknowledges that in-store there may be an absence of frivolous perks often found in other high street stores, but unapologetically states that these are just “the small prices you pay, to pay the small prices you pay for the big labels in TK Maxx”.

The TV campaign, directed by Adam & Dave and produced by Bold, is complemented by print, outdoor, digital, social, mobile and PR executions.

The effects

Recently launched, we’ll be keeping an eye on results to report on impact and effectiveness in the near future.

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