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Tesco – Love Every Mouthful

The challenge

To celebrate Tesco’s passion and care for food and to persuade shoppers that Tesco cares about food quality.

What we did

This campaign was more than a series of assets to sell Tesco food to shoppers. It was a call to the nation, a call to respect, understand, explore, share, savour and enjoy food.

A 60″ multi-sensory, rhythmic spectacular of a film sparked the conversation, bringing Tesco’s exuberant celebration of food to 71 UK channels. Central to the ad was the powerful emotional connection we all share with food. The campaign aimed to remind us of the moments food creates in our lives: from understanding where it comes from, how it is sourced, how and where we buy it, suggestions as to how we might cook it, right through to the delight we take in gathering together to eat it.

Beyond TV, we created print, OOH and digital executions continuing the playful language and vibrant imagery across newspaper cover wraps, billboards and online. In-store execution extended the imagery throughout the shopping experience, taking Tesco’s passion for food to carrier bags, storefronts and in-store signage with a special focus on fresh produce displays.

The effects

Retail Week wrote at the time of the campaign: “Tesco has defied doubters by being ranked the top retailer for fresh food, beating upmarket rivals including Waitrose and Marks & Spencer. An exclusive poll for Retail Week by ICM Research showed that 14% of those surveyed thought Tesco offered the strongest fresh food proposition alongside Morrisons.”

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