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The Toughest Critics
The Toughest Critics

Honda – Dream Makers

The challenge

Create four idents which can also form part of a longer film for Honda’s Channel 4 film sponsorship.

What we did

To celebrate Honda’s Channel 4 film sponsorship, we paid tribute to the Dream Makers, showcasing the incredible craft and innovation that goes into filmmaking.

A rollercoaster ride through the creative process and techniques involved in bringing dreams to life, Dream Makers centres around four characters and four Honda models – new Civic, Civic Type R, CR-V and the Africa Twin motorcycle – with each scene depicting a different film genre.

Each scene in the 90” spot is meticulously crafted at a rapid pace taking us through various stages of the filmmaking process – from scripting to storyboards, through CGI to grading – ending in the perfectly crafted visual. The process represents an analogy of the passion and relentless pursuit of excellence behind both great films and Honda vehicles.

Shorter idents were created to run alongside all films shown on Channel 4, More4, Film4 and E4 across the next 12 months. The campaign will also live beyond the Film on 4 sponsorship idents as longer online film and cinema ads.

The films are directed, produced and post-produced by Time Based Arts, marking the directorial debut of James Allen and Mike Skrgatic.

The effects

Recently launched, we’ll be keeping an eye on results to report on impact and effectiveness in the near future.

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