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Maynards Bassetts – A Tasty Intermission

The challenge

To promote the confectionery ‘masterbrand’ Maynards Bassetts in the first major advertising campaign in 20 years.

What we did

Based on the idea that each Maynards Bassetts sweet is a delicious break from the mundanity of everyday life, we featured Wine Gums, Jelly Babies and Bertie’s Jelly Mix all in one campaign. We drew on the signature quirkiness of each sweet, while injecting a new sense of irreverent play into the range.

We devised 12 distinctly off-the-wall ‘intermissions.’ Each one creates a moment of sweet-inspired madness that is just as striking and colourful as the sweets themselves — a lively break from the everyday.

The effects

It is too early for hard results, but the campaign has been very well received on and offline.

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