A Tasty Intermission
A Tasty Intermission

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Trebor – Choose Your Trebor

The challenge

To raise awareness of the different types of mints in the Trebor range.

What we did

Trebor mint eaters fall firmly into one of two camps: Extra Strong Mints or Softmints. You’re either one or the other – no one mixes it up. So we built a curiously wonderful brand world for Trebor, in which there are only those two choices of mint. It’s a world populated by characters with an unquestionable love and passion for their choice of mint, who will go to great lengths to stand by it.

Our 30” TV spot highlighted people’s affinity and loyalty to Trebor’s unapologetically minty mints. It was supported by a radio campaign, trade PR and in-store activity, as well as new packaging.

The effects

It is too early for hard results, but the campaign has been very well received on and offline.

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