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A White Christmas
A White Christmas

Formula 1 – Engineered Insanity

The challenge

Create Formula 1’s first ever global marketing campaign to mark the launch of the 2018 season.

What we did

Formula 1’s first ever marketing campaign challenges the sport’s perceptions by showing through the eyes of the fans what F1 really feels like.
The new campaign premiered ahead of the season opener on March 25 with bold imagery, a new tagline and a hero film, which features six of F1’s biggest super fans.

Sixty-second film, Engineered Insanity, shines a spotlight on the innovation, endurance and elemental nature of the sport, putting superfans at the visceral heart of the action, as though they are the ones battling it out from behind the wheel. The film was first teased by the fans through their personal social accounts before being launched on March 16 by F1.

Engineered Insanity forms the backbone of a multi-platform campaign that kicked off in Melbourne with high impact out-of-home advertising, featuring proximity in-airport and in-city posters, hand-painted murals and extending to extensive social and digital channels.
The campaign will roll out to appear in key Grand Prix destinations in China, France, Germany, USA as the season unfolds.

The effects

Across the season, we’re proud to have been part of the team to help Formula 1 increase unique viewers by 10%, reaching 490.2m.


The number of users across Formula 1’s social media platforms also grew significantly, with the total number of followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube reaching 18.5m, an increase of more than 53% YoY, making F1 the fastest growing major sport on social media platforms.

More than four million spectators attended at least one of the 21 Grands Prix, marking an increase of 2.7%.


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