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125th Anniversary Campaign
125th Anniversary Campaign

MyBuilder – If Homes Could Talk

The challenge

Create a new brand campaign for find-a-tradesperson service MyBuilder.

What we did

We created a campaign centring around the truth that the best tradespeople take pride in a job done right and that they don’t just work for the client, they work for the good of the house, too.

That led to the creative idea that if homes could talk, they would recommend MyBuilder.

The brand drive is spearheaded by TV spot ‘If Homes Could Talk’, which sees Tom Jones classic hit ‘Delilah’ reworked into a passionate tribute to the service and its tradespeople.

The ad features houses, switches and even a sink singing about where to find good, available tradespeople to the tune of the song made famous by Jones in the ‘60s.

The 40-second spot is directed by Noah Harris (Gorillaz, Sainsbury’s, WWF), who used traditional puppeteering and animation techniques, and is supported by online and radio activity.

The effects

Check back at a later date for results.

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