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Founder’s Day goes back to the ’90s

Each year, every office in the W+K global network celebrates Founder’s Day. A time where the entire agency takes a day off to spend some time together, do something bonkers and celebrate the very special place and culture that Dan and Dave created all those years ago.

This year, in a nod to our 20th birthday celebrations, we went back to 1998, where it all began. Starting in the Hanbury Street basement, with Big Breakfast playing on the screens and Britney blasting out of the speakers, teams were set and given a backpack with a cryptic clue. Armed with just a ’90s mobile and London A-Z, the teams embarked on a hunt to find the UK’s “last illegal rave”.

Via east London streets and Essex boozers, W+K London eventually descended upon the rural countryside for the final rave, complete with bumbags, neon body paint and plenty of MD 20/20. A massive thanks to the ace organisers, who pulled out all the stops to mark our 20th birthday and a special mention to all of the lovely Wiedeners who did us proud on the dancefloor.

Curro Coronel joins Makers’ Residency

Hat maker Curro Coronel is the fifth artist to work live in Makers’ Residency, our pop-up creative workspace and gallery.

The Spanish hatter will work in our public facing window in Hanbury Street from today (May 10), culminating in an exhibition on May 18. The residency is being livestreamed at makersresidency.com.

Curro is inspired by his upbringing in a small Spanish town where many families made money through tin, silver and lead mines. The hat maker uses these materials throughout all of his collections, which are constructed using traditional tools and techniques.

Tony Davidson, Executive Creative Director at Wieden+Kennedy London, said: “Curro has infused his work with the rich heritage of his upbringing in the Spanish mining town of Linares. He uses materials and processes inspired by the life of the miners and his own family. While his work feels free and organic in its form, Curro is an uncompromising craftsman, every detail has been carefully explored and considered, making him a perfect addition to Makers’ Residency.”

Curro added: “Makers’ Residency is a great way to give people a real insight into my creative process and see my work and techniques live.”