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United Colours: Felt, Not Just Seen

In November 2023, our People of Colour affinity group hosted an intimate panel discussion that delved into why it is essential for Black individuals to not only be seen on screen but truly felt. Our panel featured some of the freshest and most talented faces in Black British entertainment, including Hope Ipoku Jr (Top Boy), Rasaq Kukoyi (Andor), and Ellis George (Small Axe). Together, we explored the current state of Black storytelling in the media, where it needs to evolve, and where we need a revolution.


Introducing “New Faces” at W+K London

Wieden+Kennedy has a thing about portraits. From Portland’s iconic black and white film photography wall to Shanghai’s food portraits—each office’s portraits show off their people in a way that feels relevant to that office’s culture and the city. For W+K London, the city is the center of creative eclecticism; nowhere else do you find so many different cultures, tastes, ideas, and languages melting in one pot.

So, W+K London has commissioned 18 of London’s most promising illustrators, to draw the 200+ faces of Wieden+Kennedy London.

The project, entitled “New Faces,” aims to infuse W+K London with a sense of creative eclecticism and community spirit.

Read more about it via It’s Nice That.