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Ramadan installation lights up Hanbury Street

It’s Ramadan, an incredibly important month for Muslims each year. One of the most significant daily routines of the month is iftar, the time of breaking fast which holds feelings of togetherness, warmth and light.

To mark Ramadan in 2023, we’ve tapped the talents of Zarah Hussain, Rakaya Esime Fetuga and Josh Studio to create an art installation to help convey the feelings of iftar.

Zarah, assisted by Josh, fuses traditional Islamic geometric shapes with contemporary neon colours to signify the British Muslim experience and the warmth of breaking fast. Tying it all together, Rakaya Fetuga’s poem, “Iftar”, captures the mood, feelings and vibes of those Ramadan nights that Muslims the world over know all too well.

Hang around until sunset when iftar hits and share in this special time for Muslims and keep your eyes on the lights…they might change 🤩

🖨 The Office Party Photocopier 🖨

This year’s Xmas window harks back to a yuletide tradition as old as Saint Nick himself…having a few sherries at the office Christmas party and then abusing the photocopier.

We brought the ‘90s office party aftermath to life and let the public use the interactive photocopier, that turned whatever they scanned into a Christmas card to give to their loved ones.

Merry Christmas!