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Back to the 1920s

Last Thursday was that time of the year again…Wieden+Kennedy’s Founders’ Day, the day when we all get together to celebrate the founding of the agency and to get even more creative.

Like every year, the day’s itinerary was shrouded in mystery and this year was no different, apart from the strong hint that there would be a 1920s movie glamour theme, which we deciphered from the posters around the office, an invitation entitled ‘Wieden+Kennedy Makes the Movies’ and the 1920’s short film we were shown featuring certain famous faces from around the agency!


We all gathered at the office first thing, and after a hearty breakfast, discovered that our day would be spent in teams, filming our very own 1920s silent movie. Props and all.


The result was 15 short, rather peculiar and hilarious silent movies that, dare we say it, were pretty impressive! We even had a silent rap video/horror movie mashup titled “Jack the Rapper”. Turns out we’re not too shabby at this thing.


We ended the day with a glitzy, Great Gatsby-esque dinner and party (minus the prohibition act) in Bloomsbury, dressed in our vintage finery. Just imagine lots of flappers and dapper gents, and an awful lot of feather boas. The fantastic entertainment included a live band, a burlesque dancer and a giant Martini glass. The highlight of the evening was of course a mass screening of our hard day’s work and a few awards.


We had a great day all in all, and the best part was getting the chance to step outside of our usual roles and get creative whilst spending time with other W+Kers we don’t always have the chance to work with.

W+Kult island – Founders’ Day 2014

Every year, we celebrate the day two guys dived head first into the world of independent advertising, asking themselves “what’s the worst that could happen?” That day was April 1st 1982, the day Wieden+Kennedy was founded. Was it a coincidence the agency was started on April Fool’s Day? Who knows. But what we do know is that our annual Founders’ Day celebrations are a chance for the whole agency to get away from the office, be together, get inspired and be creative.

Wieden & Kennedy O'Sea Island 2014-541

Our organising committee meets under the cover of darkness (the padded cell) and schemes up an event to remember. This year, all we were told in advance was: don’t wear a skirt and bring wellies. So no kilts for Mr Christie then.

Wieden & Kennedy O'Sea Island 2014-591

After a couple of hours in a bus with our hooded guides, we found ourselves on Osea Island in Essex.

Wieden & Kennedy O'Sea Island 2014-85

It’s only reachable for a few hours a day when the tide is out, and the island’s history includes and World War I military base and a treatment facility. This was our home for 36 hours. This year’s theme was ‘W+Kult’, because from the outside, well… here’s what original W+Kult leader Dan Wieden, beamed in from Portland on the day, had to say to us:

And so we zipped up our Kult-issued boiler suits, and after a spot of wellie-clad yoga on the beach, got stuck into the brief: form a cult.

Wieden & Kennedy O'Sea Island 2014-221

These were our spiritual guides on the day:

Wieden & Kennedy O'Sea Island 2014-265

Who made us eat worms:

Wieden & Kennedy O'Sea Island 2014-370

And put on masks:

Wieden & Kennedy O'Sea Island 2014-457

And compose our own mantras:

Wieden & Kennedy O'Sea Island 2014-385

After a (not so) gruelling day of creativity, fun and games, the whole thing culminates in a party. This year, we celebrated with with a hog roast and fire dancers.

A big thank you to our W+K Founders’ Day organising crew: Paulo Salomao, Laura McGauran, Mike Waywell, Ronny Harmes, Nicola Yurman, Laura Barker and Lara Wahab, and to Wonderland Events, for putting so much work into giving us all a day to remember. We bow down to you all.

Wieden & Kennedy O'Sea Island 2014-802

Check out photos of our Kults after the jump.

The Kult of Crouton:

Wieden & Kennedy O'Sea Island 2014-543

The Kult of Theo (our planner…awkward):

Wieden & Kennedy O'Sea Island 2014-558

The Kult of Skol:

Wieden & Kennedy O'Sea Island 2014-571

The Kult of Whitney Jackson:

Wieden & Kennedy O'Sea Island 2014-519

Children of the Tongue:

Wieden & Kennedy O'Sea Island 2014-586

The Kult of Pamela Anderson:

Wieden & Kennedy O'Sea Island 2014-562

The Kult of Sandra:

Wieden & Kennedy O'Sea Island 2014-523

The Kult of Helen’s puppies:

Wieden & Kennedy O'Sea Island 2014-531

The Kult of Donkey:

Wieden & Kennedy O'Sea Island 2014-512

The Kult of Kanye:

Wieden & Kennedy O'Sea Island 2014-537