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Designing Lurpak’s Christmas pack

It’s a testament to just how iconic a brand’s packaging is when you can create a special edition, change the name, and it still remains utterly recognisable. Lurpak’s much-loved butter block is a gift in this respect – one which we wanted to stay true to by keeping the design nice and simple.


Photo courtesy Paul Zak

Collaborating with type foundry Dalton Maag, we created bespoke lettering for the pack, which paid homage to the Lurpak wordmark, closely retaining its characteristics.


In addition to this we hand-printed all the snowflake shapes using potato, carrot and eggplant printing. It’s a smaller detail, but one that captures something of the essence of Lurpak – the joy of the homemade creation.



Testing various vegetables


Final set of ‘veggie snowflakes’

Other seasonal details include a Christmas story on the side of the package and a new measurement guide featuring some of our favourite Christmas dishes.

ManifestoClose up

Cut line closeup

Multi packs

Photos courtesy Paul Zak

Lurpak Christmas packaging is currently available to purchase at major stores. Get yours whilst they are on the shelves.

Your ultimate sneaker destination

Last week saw the launch of “Your Ultimate Sneaker Destination,” ANA the SNKRS app, AKA nike.com/sneakers. To launch it, we dropped a giant Nike sneaker box in the middle of Stockholm.


Those lucky enough to be in the area could connect to the box via WIFI, letting them order and receive exclusive sneaks on the spot.


To let people know the box was coming, we launched three films made entirely of stock footage. Each one showed the journey of the box falling from the sky in a different way.

Nasa-themed “Mission Control.”

Nature-themed “Call of the Wild.”

UFO-themed “Call of the Wild.”

All films were entirely created using stock footage and post. Directed and animated by Chris Boyle at Private Island.