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Stay strong with Arla Protein

We’ve got our autumn exercise plans licked here at W+K. We’re taking inspiration from our first TV work for Arla Protein: strengthening our core by maintaining a plank pose whilst being licked, pawed and generally bothered by a pesky canine.
The spot, directed by The Bobbsey Twins from Homicide was shot in our back garden AKA Victoria Park and goes live on Monday 3rd October.
Arla Protein is faff-free protein for everyone and our ‘stay strong’ campaign has always aimed to puncture the bombastic and somewhat agressive tonality of other brands in the fitness sector. This film is no exception and takes inspiration the OOH executions we’ve produced for the brand since January 2015.

We’ve also cut a cheeky YouTube version designed to highlight the dangers of ‘skipping’ the things in life that challenge us. The viewer’s reward, as well as getting an eyeful of the full Arla Protein range, is more time with Kiva, the well-trained mutt who steals the show in both films.



Stay strong out there.


You’re not a cook until you cook

Introducing our new campaign for Lurpak.

W+K - Lurpak Game On - Print 3

Rooted in the cultural insight that UK consumers are cooking less despite consuming more food media than ever before, Lurpak ‘Game On, Cooks’ campaign tackles this ‘cooking paradox’ by rousing audiences to turn their screens off and ovens on, demonstrating in true Lurpak fashion that consuming food culture is a poor substitute for the visceral experience of cooking.

The ‘Game On, Cooks’ TV ad is part of a multi-million-pound marketing campaign that also features shopper, press, digital and PR.

W+K _ Lurpak Game On _ Print 1

W+K _ Lurpak Game On _ Print 2

W+K _ Lurpak Game On _ Print 4