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Dearest Alfred
Open That Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola – Open That Coca-Cola

The challenge

Create a global campaign for Coca-Cola.

What we did

The unique, refreshing taste of Coca-Cola has been uplifting the world for generations. It’s an experience that only enjoying a Coca-Cola can offer, yet one that’s nearly impossible to describe in words.

That’s why, in 2021, Coca-Cola wants to share with everyone what a Coke experience is all about, whether it’s Coca-Cola Original Taste, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar or any of its flavour variants, by giving new drinkers a way to describe its beyond-words sensation.

Via a brand-new campaign, it brings to life the first sip of Coca-Cola and the expressions we use to convey its great taste and experience of upliftment, and enjoyment when drinking it: Ahhhh! Oooh! Yeah!

Bringing to life the whole experience, Tyler, The Creator has created a new, original track featured in the campaign. The visionary artist is a long-time fan of the brand and shares an authentic originality, allowing him to express the Coca-Cola experience in the way he knows best: through music.

Plus, to further encapsulate the unique taste of that first sip, an infectious dance has been developed to express the physical side of the Coca-Cola experience in the form of the ‘Coca-Cola Kick-Shuffle’, which expresses the uplifting experience of drinking a Coke, with fun movements that anyone can enjoy.

The campaign will be launched via TV, online video and radio advertising, as well as interactive Out Of Home advertising, shopper activation, PR and an ambitious digital and social media approach where fans are invited to recreate the dance and express their own Coca-Cola experience on their own social media channels.

The campaign continues the company’s ‘Open’ platform, which aims to inspire and uplift people to being open to new possibilities and experiences and remaining optimistic amongst the ongoing and challenging times.

Walter Susini, SVP Marketing, Europe commented: “The experience of enjoying a Coca-Cola has always been beyond words – from the anticipation of that first sip, to the full power of its taste and the continuous rediscovery each time you drink it. We’re really excited to launch this campaign to celebrate and express the iconicity of the experience, not through one single word, but through music, movement and a universal language that can be recognised by each person that experiences and loves Coca-Cola.”

Souleymane Hamed, Coca-Cola Brand & Consumer Experience Director for Western Europe added: “What is brilliant about this campaign is how we have merged the power of Creative and Connections to be able to increase our efficiency and effectiveness in our overall plan. We have developed a modular communication platform that enables us to have one unique message and tone of voice across the different moments and occasions of the year in all touchpoints to push the brand experience. Ultimately, this enables us to deliver more with less investment”.

The effects

Check back at a later date for results.

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