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Kitchen Odyssey
Kitchen Odyssey

Chambord – Because No Reason

The challenge

Chambord was renowned amongst bartenders, but little known to the general public. Many didn’t know what it was for, and those that did just saved it for special occasions. Our job was to create love for the Chambord brand by giving it a new attitude and a clear role in people’s lives.

What we did

Our audience was young women aged 24-35, who were increasingly finding themselves confronted with social pressure from the media, online and life in general. Do this, don’t do that, follow the rules, post a selfie…The new Chambord work said ‘BOF’ to all that.

We launched the ‘Because No Reason’ attitude which encouraged people to do what they liked, for no other reason that they liked to. An attitude inspired by the product itself – a pink liqueur, with a brilliantly flamboyant bottle, which is utterly itself, utterly unapologetic and utterly French.

With our ‘odd luxury’ look and feel, and a tone of voice inspired by Eric Cantona, we brought the attitude to life in TV, social, a new website and an event which invited people to have cake for dinner. Why? Because no reason, of course.

The effects

Chambord’s year-on-year volume sales rocketed 33% after the campaign launched.

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