Like A Lioness – Women’s World Cup 2023

Nike – Like A Lioness – Women’s World Cup 2023

The challenge

To get teenage girls in England to engage in, and be inspired by football during the World Cup.

What we did

None of the Lionesses had an easy ride getting to where they are today. The whole team ignored nay-sayers. Proved doubters wrong. Fought for the future of their sport.

Unrelenting, unreasonable ambition. That’s the spirit of the Lionesses. It’s what got them to be not only Euros champions, but favorites to win the World Cup. You can’t help but be inspired by it. And you can’t help but relate to that determination to do the thing you love. 

So, we captured the Lioness spirit.We showed teenage girls what it meant to be like a Lioness. And let them see the Lioness spirit in themselves. 

We called it “Like a Lioness”.

“Like a Lioness” became a rallying cry and a symbol of support during the World cup. Before we knew it, it had spread to places we’d never imagined, repped by Football legends, artists, influencers, TikTok dancers and, most importantly, by girls across the nation.

The effects

Check back at a later date for results.

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