There’s No Place Like Homesense (Except TK Maxx)
There’s No Place Like Homesense (Except TK Maxx)

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Like A Lioness – Women’s World Cup 2023
Like A Lioness – Women’s World Cup 2023
Know Your Health Inside Out

Samsung – Know Your Health Inside Out

The challenge

Create a global campaign debuting the Galaxy Watch6 Series.

What we did

For our first marketing campaign for Samsung, we created a suite of films to launch the Galaxy Watch6 and Galaxy Watch6 Classic at the Galaxy Unpacked Event in Seoul, Korea. 

‘Know Your Health Inside Out’ empowers Galaxy Watch6 users to take control of their everyday wellness by tracking everything from their sleep to health and exercise stats. The campaign introduces the Watch6 in an unexpected, irreverent way by bringing to life the internal organs of a Watch6 wearer as endearing, ownable animated characters.

Each film introduces consumers to the different key features of the Watch6, including an anthem spot that follows the journey of a wearer’s night while her Watch6 tracks her sleep. As we travel to her inner world, we meet the two sides of her brain—Emotional Right Brain and Rational Left Brain—as they plunge into REM sleep. We’re introduced to the zen-like Heart and the mischievous cramping Muscle before our sleeper wakes up to discover her in-depth sleep analysis on the Watch6. 

The playful mix of live-action and CGI talking organs was crafted to increase brand affinity with the younger audience and invite them into the Galaxy Ecosystem. The organ characters are brought to life across the campaign in different scenarios that bring to light the various features of the Watch6, from body composition measurement to personalised heart rate zones. 

The campaign ran across television, social, and digital markets worldwide.

The effects

Check back later for results.

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