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There’s no deal like a TK Deal

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Too Good to Leave Behind
Too Good to Leave Behind
Stir Up

Kahlúa – Stir Up

The challenge

Create a new brand platform for the iconic, Mexican coffee liqueur. 

What we did


In her new leading role, Salma Hayek Pinault kicks down doors  as she encourages people around the world to spice up their nights in  with the world’s number one coffee liqueur.

We created a series of over-the-top spots that tap into Kahlúa’s heritage and lean into the melodramatic world of telenovelas with a bold and delicious take. Salma Hayek, the Mexican actress hailing from the same place as Kahlua was the perfect glamorous cherry on the cake to the brand’s global campaign, “Stir Up”. 

Directed by Mexican director Rodrigo Valdes, “Stir Up” encourages its audience to break up the daily drudgery with glamorous unpredictability from the comfort of their own homes, be that an Espresso Martini on a Tuesday night or pouring Kahlúa over ice cream for a mid-week dessert with a kick. Furthermore, it signals Kahlúa’s ambition to unleash its brand as a vibrant and playful treat – not just for special occasions.

The effects

Check back later for results.

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