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Forever Curious, brilliantly bonkers as always

Last Friday morning a group of Forever Curious kids from Newport primary school visited W+K. They were here to take part in the pilot workshop for the third instalment of Forever Curious – ‘My Creative Future’.

The idea behind My Creative Future is to get everyone thinking about their creative past, present and most importantly future. These thoughts are then manifested in vibrantly decorated cards.


Our volunteers eagerly awaited the children’s arrival and when they appeared; both sides were greeted with pleased enthusiastic faces. We gathered in a circle and remembered the fun we had at the workshops and exhibition in the summer.


After some warm up games the kids and their buddies gathered around a table that was full of various postcards. Everyone had to pick three postcards from the selection on the table. One that in some way made them think of their past, present and future.

These postcards were then used to inspire the making of artwork at three different creative stations on larger cards.  The stations were themed, Black and White, Fluorescent and Primary Colours.


After much cutting, sticking, painting and drawing some dazzling work was made. The themes were individual and varied; from “clumsiness” to “tidal waves” from their past.  One child showed how music made them feel inspired in their present. Their chosen future professions inspired some of the creative future cards – doctors, policeman and teachers to name a few while others showed how they wanted to continue learning creativity from role models like mothers in their future.


After everyone had a chance to say a word about their cards we sat in a circle and said our heartfelt goodbyes.  We all had a magnificent morning and the volunteers from the agency were blown away as always, by the creativity of the children.

Forever Curious: A Great, Arty Day


We recently ran the second of our Forever Curious ‘My Creative Story’ workshops at Chats Palace in Clapton with a brilliant bunch of kids from Millfields Community School. The W+K adults (or rather, big kids) in the group had just as much fun as the kids did. It was an absolutely wonderful day, and we loved getting stuck into some hands-on storytelling; we came away totally awe-struck and inspired by the kids and we can’t wait to do it again. 


One of the Millfields children we had the pleasure of spending the day with wrote us an account of her experience. Take it away, Ivy… 

I came to a big room with a big circle of about thirty or forty adults. We were told to write three words to explain what we felt like. Some people wrote things like brave, curious, excited and scared. Then we had to walk around and pretend to be strange things like giants and witches. Then we found a buddy, who was an adult. Me and my partner had to choose between painting inside out characters, acting our stories out, making dens and puppets. We chose to build dens. We made a lovely den out of two pink pieces of material and told stories in our dens. I then made some puppets from the story I made up earlier, and me and my buddy put on a show.

I worked with a lady called Amy and she was very nice. We did everything together and she let me choose what to do. I felt very happy that we worked well in a team. It was a great experience and I’d love to do it again.

It made me feel a mixture of different things like curious, excited and brave. I liked it because it’s like when you’re reading a book and anything can happen. I also liked it because I felt like I was in a story.