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“My Creative Future” Exhibition at W+K

Forever Curious My Creative Future
Yesterday — and last night — we celebrated “My Creative Future,” the latest installment of our Forever Curious programme, with a Private View of work of students from Newport School and Millfields School. The kids themselves stopped by during the day to see their collage work and postcards written to their future selves decorating our lobby-turned-exhibition space, play around with interactive, on-screen kaleidoscopes, and meet up with their buddies from volunteering day.

The evening saw our own George Howes DJing the event, while our people, Cariss Creative, staff from the schools, and local community came out to support the programme.

If you happen to pass by our Hanbury Street offices over the next couple of weeks, you can see the kids’ postcards and some of their work through our public-facing window space.

You can learn more about Forever Curious on the Culture section of our website.

Forever Curious: ‘Imagining Creative Futures’


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Much of W+K recently took a half-day out to volunteer for the latest installment of Forever Curious, the agency programme that sees us working with local kids to nurture their creativity. The latest theme, “My Creative Life,” was all about getting kids to reflect on and look forward to an inspired present and future.

We met kids from Newport School and Millfields School at Chats Palace Arts Centre in Hackney Wick for a session of word games and creative collaging. The curious kids were asked to think of words that represented creativity, themselves, and a word to describe their future with the help of our W+K volunteers. They also reflected on where they’d like to live and what they could see themselves doing years from now.

In the end, it was a day of many smiles and laughs for both the kids and volunteers, all powered by the kids’ infectious energy and imaginations.

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