Last week saw the launch of the My Creative Spark exhibition at Hanbury Hall, showcasing the work of East London primary schools as part of our Forever Curious initiative.

Currently in it’s fourth year, Forever Curious helps kids aged nine to eleven be more creative by offering a platform the current schooling curriculum cannot provide. We work with young people from a diverse range of backgrounds, providing vital creative opportunities for children who need it most.

Each year our team volunteers to work one-on-one with the kids in facilitated workshops where creativity is explored in an uninhibited environment. The output from these sessions is then displayed in an exhibition where the kids are invited back to view their creations.

This year, we tasked the students of Newport, St Anne’s and Millfields primary schools with exploring what their “creative spark” looked like. We talked about a creative spark being the magic moment when creativity strikes, when you are totally engaged with what you’re are doing, and body and mind are fizzing with energy.

The kids brought this to life in three different ways: what their creative spark world would look like, what their flag would be to represent that world and the fashion that would be worn by its inhabitants.

The challenges produced some fantastic work, displayed proudly in the Hanbury Hall exhibition. Big thanks to organiser Jodie Cariss and the W+K buddies, but mostly to to the brilliant kids of Newport, St Anne’s and Millfields. See you next year!