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International Womxn’s Day

Since we can’t get together IRL to commemorate International Womxn’s Day, this year we’re going virtual and truly international.

The Intersection is a platform to help create an evolving safe space where perspectives of all womxn are welcome, heard and celebrated.

Tune your ears to a fresh frequency on Monday 8 March for more than 24hrs of The Intersection x nice.radio. That’s more than 24hrs of tunes and important conversations from all eight of our W+K offices, featuring inspiring people inside and outside of W+K.

We’ll be challenging the binary, talking about breaking boundaries and serving up DJ sets from across the globe!

Go to Nice.Radio today (Monday) from 09:00 CET to tune in for the above and much more.


We understand that there are different opinions when it comes to using x in womxn, so we wanted to address the reason why we decided to use it.

The team behind this event believes that womxn includes wide-ranging identities that are excluded from the term woman. It creates inclusivity when referring to the fluid nature of gender and the broad scope of womanhood.

We believe the x creates space for ALL femme-identifying people both within and outside of the binary. So for The Intersection, the use of the x is also a piece of design language that brings to life the theme of intersectionality.

W+K joins Ad Net Zero

We’re proud to be supporting Ad Net Zero, the UK advertising industry’s initiative to help respond to the climate crisis.

Headed by the Advertising Association, ISBA and the IPA, the supporters met as a collective for the first time last month, in a meeting to drive the activation of the Ad Net Zero Action Plan:

1. Tracking, analysing and assisting the continued reduction of carbon emissions from ad
business operations, chaired by James Best, Credos
2. Reducing emissions from advertising productions, chaired by Stephen Woodford, Chief
Executive, Advertising Association
3. Reducing emissions from media choices, led by the IPA’s Media Futures Group
4. Greening up the industry’s awards and events, chaired by Rachel Aldighieri, Managing
Director, Data & Marketing Association
5. Using advertising’s positive Influence, chaired by Matt Bourn, Director of
Communications, Advertising Association

Check out more at here.