Welcome to Optimism

Why am I here?

Today at the agency, many of us attended Tony Davidson’s talk which was a condensed version of the talk he gave at Kyoorious Designyatra in India, earlier this month.

His talk “Why am I here?” started with his own family episode; his dad who is a natural creative and invented a clever double door lock system by himself. (It was for his house’s toilet)

He said he was here to meet amazing people amongst many things. He is here to lift people. He is here to be curious. He is here to cause chaos. Why he is still here is mostly because independence is everything.

Lots of us attended as we were all curious about what he was going to share with us and let us think once again why we are here. It wasn’t just because we were looking forward to yummy pizza provided while he talked!


Are you angry?

Our latest window display, the Rage Machine, made its debut today.
Has your wife left you? Does your boss hate you? Does the current political climate give you spasms of violent rage?
This window is designed to help alleviate your anger. Whether it’s a gentle, fleeting annoyance you’re experiencing, or a furious tornado of hate.
Insert a £1 coin, select your breakable, and let the Rage Machine help.
All proceeds will be donated to Mind.