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‘Up’ – Our latest campaign for Honda

We’ve just releases a new campaign ‘Up’ for the new Honda Civic, featuring Imogen Horrocks, rising star of the climbing world and a member of Team Great Britain. ‘Up’ is a metaphorical film about the challenge that Honda faced, and embraced, in the creation of the all new Civic.

It’s a story about the struggle of bringing an idea to life, the young woman and her heroic ascent representing Honda and their own daring engineering journey. The clay mountain is based on the clay used in the design process of the car. Designers and engineers spent years developing the shape of the Civic to give it its new advanced and sporty style. Similarly, W+K worked closely with artists and designers at MPC London to develop and craft the world you see.

Long ago, Soichiro Honda, the founder of Honda, uttered simple but extremely powerful words; “Instead of being afraid of the challenge and failure, be afraid of avoiding the challenge and doing nothing”. Unsurprisingly this quote has been the driving force behind everything Honda has done ever since. Today, when it seems that iteration has become the norm. Where it has become acceptable to settle for ‘OK’. Where tweaking rather than radically changing is the way things are done. This attitude has never been more important.

W+K London makes Sunday Times Best Companies list

We’re delighted to see that we’ve made it into the Sunday Times 2017 Best Small Companies to Work for list. We came in at number 62 in the top 100. This represents an improvement on the last time we took part, which was in 2009, when we were placed at 74.

Here’s what they say:

“There is a strong sense of family (at W+K), an 85% positive score for this question. Office early birds and night owls benefit from flexible working hours, and subsidised football, yoga and massages cater for wellbeing needs. Such incentives have proved popular with employees, who feel cared for as individuals (84%) and love their jobs (85%). They also appreciate a ban on sending work-related emails out of office hours, allowing everyone to switch off and enjoy their evenings and weekends.

Generous staff are keen to give back and last year raised £37,000 for nominated charity St Joseph’s Hospice, in memory of a much-loved colleague. The next generation is also at the forefront of the agency’s plans, with pupils from local schools invited to participate in workshops where paid internships are up for grabs. Such charitable activities are encouraged at W+K (92%) and create a great sense of pride about working here among employees (88%).”

W+K Deputy MD Helen Andrews commented: ‘It’s brilliant to hear that so many of our people love working here. We’re very proud to be included on this list and we’re pleased that the work we are doing to create a positive and supportive environment is appreciated.’

Other agencies and media company in the top 100 include The Seven Stars at number 16, and Elvis at 58. The complete list is visible on the Sunday Times website.