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Goodbye Uncanny Valley explores the future of CGI

This week saw the release of Goodbye Uncanny Valley, a 15-minute video essay on the future of CGI, written and directed by the artist Alan Warburton and designed by our very own Tom Pounder. Alan and Tom were also on editing and animation duties while music was handled by Cool 3D World.

It’s 2017 and computer graphics have conquered the Uncanny Valley, that strange place where things are almost real…but not quite. After decades of innovation, we’re at the point where we can conjure just about anything with software. The battle for photoreal CGI has been won, so the question is: what happens now?

The film, funded by W+K London’s Spore Fund, has been named a Staff Pick by Vimeo and also featured on Fast Company. Congrats to Alan and Tom and a big thanks to all those who helped along the way.


AB InBev – Keep It Bud Light

Yesterday saw the launch of AB InBev’s ‘Keep It Bud Light’, featuring a cast of beautiful millennials living the Bud Light lifestyle.

The campaign parodies the aspirational lifestyles portrayed by many consumer brands, via a cast of impossibly good-looking millennials living their effortlessly bohemian lives.

The 30″ will air across TV and cinema throughout October and November. The broadcast spots will be supported by a series of edits created specifically for social platforms.

The film is directed by Ali Ali, produced by Sonny London with post by MPC and sound from Wave Studios.

Ray Shaughnessy, Creative Director at W+K London, said: “We’re mega chuffed to have created such a distinctive UK campaign for Bud Light. We’ve created work that makes it clear that this is a co-ed beer brand having a laugh, because – wait for it – turns out, both men and women enjoy beer as well as enjoy a chuckle.”