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Wieden Academy

Yesterday saw W+K London go back to school as Wieden Academy opened for our annual Founders’ Day celebrations.

Classes were enrolled in traditional subjects with the occasional twist. Art became a life painting relay, chemistry was an excuse for a few drinks and home economics was more bun fight than Bake Off. Following a fiercely contested tug-of-war, with a few suspicious burly ringers putting in an appearance, the class with the most house points was rewarded with a well-deserved day off.

Dinner, drinks and dancing followed, with a surprise performance by Artful Dodger, dragging us back to the heady days of early UK garage. 

We had a brilliant day and night. Thank you Braxted Park for having us and Highjam for helping organise. And Artful Dodger for getting a lot of people pretty sweaty in a tent. 

The triumphant team

Campaign School Reports 2017

W+K London scored 8 (which means excellent) on Campaign School Reports this year. It’s gone up, we scored 7 (which means good so it was still good) last year.

Campaign says;

Wieden+Kennedy continued to produce exceptional work for clients including Finish, Babbel and Lurpak. The “Powerball vs life” ad for Finish, in particular, was one of Campaign’s best TV ads for the year and showed once again that the agency can produce interesting creative in a mundane category.

Wieden+Kennedy was a runner up for Campaign’s Agency of the Year in 2016, and it should hold its head hight after an impressive 12 months.

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