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‘Mad Intense’ New Work


Hot on the heels of last week’s Snapchat takeover by hip-hop star DJ Khaled, we’re mad-excited about debuting our latest campaign for Stride Gum.

Launching today in the US, the trio of 15” TVCs is led by “The Strength Within” and feature The Mouth, a wild, outspoken, purple-hued character spreading the word about the Mad Intense, crunchy new selection of Stride Gum. Two more commercials — “Hey! Momma’s Home” and “It’s Power Team” — will follow “The Strength Within.”

Fiercely fun and featuring off-the-wall characters, neon visuals and animations, the commercials capture the essence of the bold flavours consumers can expect from new Stride Gum, including Spearmint, Peppermint, LemonBerry, MeloPeach and IcyMint.

To lift a line from Khaled, “[We] like that,” and hope you do, too.


If you happened to be wandering around Oxford Circus on Sunday afternoon, you certainly couldn’t miss the massive procession of athletes, flag-bearers, drummers, Nike+ Run Club coaches and NTC Master Trainers marching shoulder-to-shoulder. The event — which officially launched the new UNLIMITED LONDON campaign for Nike — culminated at the NikeTown flagship, where distance runner Mo Farah addressed the crowd.

NikeTown itself was decked out with material from the UNLIMITED campaign, including a bold manifesto challenging people to smash their limits and barriers. The Oxford Street takeover precedes the launch of a print campaign on 4 August, so Watch This Space for more.

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