Welcome to Optimism

We all well behaved

We were all told to behave well today as we had some special guests visiting the office, 25 teachers from various schools.
Neil gave an impromptu short talk about what his day-to-day is like.
Our guests were even asked to join a quick shoot by one of our Creatives, Christen because why not?

 It turned out that we didn’t need to be on our best behaviour at all as they were all relaxed and lovely.  Thank you for visiting!

Social Media Survival Guide

Due to an increase in social media work/campaigns and frequent queries to our business department relating to the legalities around social media/interactive and digital work, we had a social media workshop this afternoon.

This was organised in collaboration with Greg Boyd, the lawyer at Frankfurt Kurnit. He is a fountain of knowledge on all things relating to Interactive/Social Media/Digital. He addressed questions that frequently crop up and shared examples of how we assessed and dealt with legal risks on previous campaigns.
Thank you so much Greg, now we have much better skills to survive in the social media world!