Our work for Lurpak Lighter has been named the most creatively effective YouTube ad of March by Kantar’s The Works study, scoring in the top 20% of all digital video ads in the UK on branding alone.

From Marketing Week: According to Kantar’s head of creative excellence Lynne Deason, a key strength of this particular ad is its ability to ‘reinforce’ the saliency of the Lurpak brand and its association with ‘delicious’ food.

This is underpinned by the strength of the ad’s branding, as the short film gives Lurpak Lighter a leading role from the first second.

“In a skippable context it is important to introduce the brand within the first five seconds,” Deason explains.

“Hooking the audience in from the start is essential. The tight-framing and close-up appetising food shots create strong visual impact, combined with the sizzling sound as the butter instantly melts and bubbles in the hot frying pan. Add the voiceover on top of this and you have a sensory experience that earns attention and arouses hunger.”

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