The need for us to show more empathy is brought to life by Coca-Cola in a new campaign for 2020.

The work builds on Coca-Cola’s 134 year old brand purpose of uplifting and uniting people for a more joyful world and the insight that we all have the capacity to understand how others feel. However, instead of listening to each other and trying to see things from a different perspective, sometimes we are simply not listening and often seek to reinforce our own beliefs.

The new campaign includes a 90-second TVC, ‘Open’, running across European markets including the UK, Spain and Germany. The film, directed by Steve Rogers, immerses the viewer in a hectic and hostile urban environment. It’s a familiar scene: the noise and negativity are overwhelming; everywhere we look people are shouting about who is right and who is wrong.

As the disagreements escalate, physical cracks appear, and the world begins to crumble around the people, who are somehow oblivious to the destruction. Finally, straight-talking Golden Globe and Emmy nominated producer, writer, director and actor Natasha Lyonne appears amongst the chaos to suggest a different approach; what if we all asked ourselves, ‘Could I be the one who’s wrong? Maybe things would change for the better.’

As well as the new TVC, we worked with artists Alva Skog and Nimura Daisuke to create new packaging and a distinctive comic strip-themed OOH campaign.