Each year, our creative interns The Kennedys are briefed to create an installation for W+K’s public-facing window. This year, with the world rising to face the climate crisis, their mission was to pay tribute to one of Earth’s most innovative eco-warriors – mushrooms.

The Kennedys’ research involved a foraging trip with master of the ‘shroom Spores For Thought, and growing their own mushrooms on coffee grounds – headed by mushroom mother Sumena.

The Kennedys eventually settled on an idea and got to work learning the skills they’d need to bring the installation to life, including coding, papier-mâché and, um, bone maceration.

They’re proud to introduce the final installation: a giant mushroom by the name of M.W.A. And in its own words:

You think I’m just a mushroom? Bruv you got that wrong
I’m the largest living organism, I’ve been around for long.
Yeah I’m tasty in an omelette, I’m banging on some toast
Got bare medical purposes but I’m not one to boast.
Plastic dolls, old bones and dutty nuclear waste
I can eat it all (but nahhh, don’t rate the taste).
Heard of the internet? Check my Wood Wide Web
A network called Mycelium – the biggest underground celeb.
I’m here to educate you, like it or not…
‘bout all the planet saving powers that I got.
So come on down, see what I’m about
This is M.W.A speakin’, over and out.