TK Maxx has launched a musical extravaganza to encourage shoppers to ‘TK Maxx The Right Way’, designed to help customers get the most out of the labels-for-less retailer.

Mention TK Maxx in conversation and you’ll quickly come across a lot of people who feel very strongly about the retailer. Some shoppers feel the store is time consuming, overwhelming even, but on the flip side you’ll find loads of TK Maxx lovers who ‘get it’ and are positively evangelical about the store’s treasure hunt experience and big brand bargains.

The spot, directed by Gary Freedman via Independent Films, shows shoppers who are ‘TK Maxxing wrong’ being converted by brand evangelists, delivering handy tips on how to ‘TK Maxx The Right Way’ through song. In this musical-inspired production, we enter the wonderful, colourful world of Ridiculous Possibilities, ending with a delightful chorus number and the advice that bargains are available to all when you ‘TK Maxx The Right Way’.