In its new anthem film, Spark Progress, Converse celebrates London’s creative community, a generation of empowered youth who are driving their own futures.

As the kick off of the brand’s SP19 campaign, the film, created by W+K London, stands as a larger statement of Converse’s commitment to London youth and aim to co-create with and help them achieve.

The film, which documents the creative process of five London-based women inclusive of their ambitions, trials, tensions and successes across their respective journeys, features Ama Lou, singer, songwriter & film-maker; Paria Farzaneh, Iranian menswear designer; Lava La Rue, singer, skater & artist; RAYE, singer & songwriter; and Feng Chen Wang, menswear designer.

Known for setting their own agendas to achieve success in each of their creative fields, the stories of these women – who each represent the spirit of the Converse brand and are ongoing creative partners – are intended to inspire other young talented and inspirational individuals to continue to push progress forward.