We like throwing our creative placement teams in at the deep end, and we want them to have fun too… so we gave placement team Sabine & Claire and placement designer Sam a brief to create an interactive installation for our Hanbury Street window space. They came up with a wonderfully odd (and surprisingly practical) productivity boosting tool and gave it a brilliant infomercial-style visual identity.

Read on for a few words from the team behind InstaNapzzz: 


Are you constantly tired? Overworked? Unhappy?

Do you like napping but don’t, because you’re a normal working adult?

We’ve got you covered!

Introducing InstaNapzzz! The personalized, recyclable, revolutionary glasses that will make you look awake even when you’re not.


And they’re recyclable!! You’re in luck… Napping actually makes you more productive. That’s right!

No need to keep worrying about nodding off at work. InstaNapzzz will change your life! By simply taking a picture of your eyes and printing it on paper glasses, no one will notice a thing! InstaNapzzz will take care of everything, all you need to do is wear them. 


Just come to Wieden+Kennedy's offices now, follow three simple steps and get your personalized pair of InstaNapzzz FOR FREE!

So easy.

So whether you’re in a meeting, with your step mum, in a meeting, on a date or in a meeting, just wear your InstaNapzzz and have your sneaky little snooze, any time you choose!

Goodbye missing out on naps, hello InstaNapzzz!

8Head down to 16 Hanbury Street between March 30th to April 10th, and you can make your own personalized pair of InstaNapzzz FOR FREE.    

Be sure to share your best InstaNapzzz snaps using the #instanapzzz hashtag. We're collecting all the best ones on a gallery on our site, here

Offer exclusively available at the Wieden+Kennedy London window. No purchase necessary.
Conditions apply: Please use responsibly. Do not use while driving. Do not machine wash.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen. You’ve made the world a better place.

And now, excuse us, it's naptime…