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FINLANDIA – Flavours

Fin & Tonic, anyone? FINLANDIA vodka is launching a global campaign to promote its Flavours range.

The campaign is set in Finland, the land of the Midnight Sun, where every summer, the sun doesn’t set for 72 days. In this magical interpretation, the sun’s light creates the ideal conditions for the natural ingredients that go into FINLANDIA vodka’s flavoured range.

The work, which includes a series of eight films and four print executions, will run across TV, social, print and digital channels until September in countries including the US, UK, Russia, Czech Republic and Canada.

The films are directed by Pete Candeland and produced by Electric Theatre Collective. The print work is produced by Wyatt-Clarke+Jones.

Nike – Smile

As Mo Farah steps onto the London Stadium track to compete in his final campaign for double gold, Nike’s new film Smile celebrates the tremendous sacrifice and resilient mindset behind his record-breaking track career…and unbeatable smile.
Most people perceive Mo as the guy who smiles and throws his Mobot around. However, this film chronicles the unseen gruelling journey and mental strength behind his smiley persona. Smile gives viewers an unprecedented insight of Mo’s journey and toughest training moments, set against the backdrop of London where Mo grew up.
A powerful tribute from London-born spoken word artist George the Poet captures the human truth we all recognise; that behind every smile, there is a story that is never as easy as it seems.
Smile is directed by Mark Zibert and produced by Rogue films.