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Quickbooks Takes Care of Business

Running a small business is stressful at the best of times, but then 2020 happened. That’s why Intuit QuickBooks is launching its biggest ever integrated campaign in the UK to show how it can support – by ‘Taking Care of Business’.

Intuit QuickBooks is committed to helping small businesses and the self-employed by solving major financial problems through digital tools. It tells this story in the campaign through a tiny team of businesspeople – a passionate and hard-nosed team that fit in your pocket and are on call to Take Care of Business 27 hours a day, eight days a week.

Directed by Nick Ball via Blink, the 60” ad will air in the UK throughout 2021. The film will be followed closely by three other 30” product spots, alongside support on radio, digital, and social.

QuickBooks celebrates Small Business Stories

Intuit QuickBooks has launched its new campaign, ‘Small Business Stories’. We worked with QuickBooks to showcase the inspirational stories of five Scottish small businesses. Each company was handpicked to have their stories told across Scotland by world class animators from Blink Productions.

We helped script the businesses’ message, match them with talented animators, and produce the joyful 20-second spots. The remotely-produced ‘Small Business Stories’ feature the voice of each business owner.

Hollie Walker and Cal Al-Jorani, Creative Directors, said: “With five very different small Scottish businesses, with very different products to shout about, it was a pleasure to work closely with the owners to find out how they wanted to tell their story. We recorded their voice overs on Zoom from under duvets, then paired them each up with some incredibly talented animators to bring it all to life in a way that felt true to their business.

“Healthier chocolate, home-grown blooms, zero waste groceries, bespoke metal work or glamping in the Cairngorms… whatever tickles your fancy, support small!”