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Gumtree pressures government to consider second hand

The UK government thought it would be a good idea to furnish COP26 (the world’s largest environmental conference) with a whole load of new ‘eco’ furniture. 🤦‍♀️

Gumtree thinks it would have been way better to just reuse what already exists.

So yesterday in Glasgow (where COP is happening), we made an art attack using borrowed second hand chairs.

And Gumtree has started a petition that could actually do some good. Please sign it here to encourage the government to consume more consciously.

Nike makes kids’ imaginary sports official

Nike is making kids’ imaginary sports official.

OFFICIAL! Boxing but with bums. Laser lair in your hallway. Dodgeball with socks, but TURBO. Just some of the submissions so far.

The campaign continued in Niketown London with an imaginary sports installation. Featuring visuals of the latest sports, flags, posters, uniforms, a real life Turbo Sock Dodge arena, and a submission station letting kids submit their own sports for Nike to make for real.