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One week left to apply for The Kennedys

This is your one week warning! There’s only seven days left to apply for The Kennedys 2018. An intensive five-month crash course in creativity with W+K London.

For information on the program and how to apply, go to thekennedyslondon.com

Please be sure to complete ALL THREE tasks before submitting.

Applications close August 21 2018 at 11:59pm – good luck!

Our latest window ‘Welcome, #’

W+K London’s latest window display is ‘Welcome, #’; an installation which turns people into numbers in the digital world.

Aesthetically the installation is quite simple – a plain black curtain in the background with six laptops lined up across the window. There are some white footprints sprayed onto a pressure pad, encouraging people to stand in front of the window. When you stand there, the number counts your presence and participation, counting up by one whole digit. You’ll be greeted by a voice which welcomes you by your number which identifies you in the total. As people go up to inspect the window, the number on laptops will count upwards, recording how many people have stood outside it.

This window was created by The Kennedys, they say;

The aim is to explore the concept of art itself, of social interaction in person and online, of validation through ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ and the uneasiness of being treated like a number rather than a person. Most of all, it’s a test of curiosity and behaviour trends; will people follow others’ behaviour and step up?


‘Welcome, #’ installation is currently available until the 30th November at W+K office.