Welcome to Optimism

Gingerbread Hanbury street

Introducing our lovely gingerbread houses currently displayed at our reception area! They replicate Hanbury street in London where our office is located. That’s our beloved the Golden Heart pub…


Our office management team Debbie and Ronny sorting out boxes at our post room…




If you have watched the gingerbread house special on Great British Bake Off, you might be thinking that making a gingerbread house is a biscuit disaster. However, luckily, our account executive Preety is also a professional baker so she saved us from the disaster and made our gingerbread houses even prettier and merrier!

W+K blood giver

Whilst we encourage passers-by of our Christmas window to donate blood, we are also trying to have as many employees as possible to donate their blood.

Emily went to a donation centre yesterday and gave a pint of her blood. She even live tweeted her very first blood donation experience.

You can read more on her medium. Please don’t get put off though, the needle is tiny…..really it is.