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Stairwell art returns to W+K with VISINA

As the London office readies for reopening, Junior Creative Aleksandra Atanasovski, who recently joined us with her partner Hannah Young, has launched the first stairwell exhibition since the beginning of lockdown.

VISINA, which means height in Serbian, takes a tour of Aleks’s artwork, transporting visitors from the seabed on the ground floor to a journey into space on the top floor.

Massive thanks to Aleks for sharing her amazing work with the agency. Check out her Instagram for more.

Hanbury Street Pride!

The Ginger Beers, W+K London’s LGBTQIA+ affinity group, has added a burst of colour to our Hanbury Street office, applying more than 40 colourful vinyls to the second floor windows to reflect the colours of the inclusive Pride flag. The Gingers Beers were joined by friends and allies on Friday to give the building a Pride-themed makeover, to let those inside and outside of the building know that W+K is a safe and inclusive place to work. Happy Pride!