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Fast Company names W+K most innovative advertising company

Wieden+Kennedy has been named Fast Company’s most innovative company within the advertising and marketing sector. According to the publication, we topped the list, up from eighth place in 2017, thanks to a “run of compelling work”.

“Built on a foundation of its advertising work for Nike over the last 35 years, Wieden+Kennedy has become synonymous with iconic campaigns,” said Fast Company. “While flashy digital and social media campaigns may grab more headlines in today’s advertising world, there’s still plenty of innovation happening around good ol’ fashioned TV commercials – and agency Wieden+Kennedy is a master of the craft.”

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W+K named Ad Age Agency of the Year

We’re proud to report that Ad Age has named Wieden+Kennedy its Agency of the Year.

“For an agency like Wieden+Kennedy, it’s tempting to get complacent, maybe even a little lazy, and sail along on past glories. But the shop didn’t just rock the boat in 2017, it damn near tipped it over,” said Ad Age.

“Leadership reinvented the Portland, Oregon-based creative powerhouse for a new era of marketing when beautiful, eye-catching TV ads are no longer enough to win clients and grow brands. The new W&K is gutsy, nimble, digitally innovative, collaborative and fiercely independent as it navigates an industry dominated by massive agency holding companies, proving that big isn’t always better.”

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