To celebrate Formula 1’s 70th anniversary, the motorsport giant has teamed up with Computer Arts for a special competition.

F1 is asking designers, animators and fans to animate its logo and capture a key aspect of F1: from fans to racing, factory to pit lane, historic moments to pioneering modern tech. Think F1 x MTV.

There will be a podium finish, with £4,000 for first prize, £2,000 for second prize and £1,000 for third prize.

The winning animations will be used by F1 across the 70th anniversary season.

This special competition will be judged by W+K’s Richard Turley, Computer Arts editor Beren Neale and Ross Brawn and Will Ford of F1.

Turley recommends that entrants should dig deep into what the F1 brand is all about. “F1 is one of the world’s most recognisable brands because it’s one of the most storied,” he notes. “There’s so much to draw on, we hope people will be excited by the opportunity, and not feel limited by the brand or what they think we’re expecting. This is an opportunity to push the design world of the brand forward, and get us out of our comfort zone.

“We want the entries to be as varied in style, tone and inspiration as the sport itself. We’d love to see ideas that make us feel something about F1; that breaks out of the clichés and challenges expectations.”

Find out more and enter the competition here. Deadline for entries is February 2 2020.