W+K London has been working with The International Exchange for a number of years, sending Wiedeners all over the world for a variety of good causes. This month, designer Xueling Wang is heading to Nambia to work with Giraffe Conservation Foundation.

Giraffe are in trouble. And not enough people are paying attention. Limited conservation research has been undertaken on giraffe throughout Africa and their numbers have plummeted by almost 40% over the past three decades.

GCF’s objective is to raise awareness, provide support and secure a future for giraffe, preserving their natural habitat. Xueling will help the organisation develop an overarching communications and fundraising strategy, focusing on World Giraffe Day – another exciting GCF initiative that celebrates the tallest animal on the longest day of the year on June 21.

To raise funds for the GCF, Xueling walked the streets of London wearing a frankly huge giraffe head, live streamed on Facebook. To find out more about Xueling’s mission and to donate (with all proceeds going to the GCF), please visit her Go Fund Me page here.