We’re honoured to be named Fast Company’s Most Innovative Company in advertising, for the second year in a row.

The publication writes: “Wieden+Kennedy is advertising’s largest independent advertising agency – and its most innovative, able to serve both iconic companies such as Nike and KFC and a new generation of brand marketers such as Airbnb and OK Cupid. Without question, its work for the 30th anniversary of Nike’s Just Do It campaign, titled “Dream Crazy,” was the advertising feat of 2018…the campaign perfectly captures how Wieden+Kennedy creates work that impacts the culture.

“Wieden’s diverse, inclusive hiring and leadership, including co-president Colleen DeCourcy, have helped the agency connect with the cultural conversation in ways that others in the advertising industry cannot because they lack the voices in the room to make sure that they’re aware of both what will – and what won’t – resonate.”