Matthew Cooper, stop motion animator extraordinaire, worked in our public-facing Makers’ Residency for a week – and you can view the output below. Matt said of the project: “Made for my Makers’ Residency, this animated ‘encyclopedia’ is made up of 144 clay models, sculpted and photographed over six days.

“The idea was to produce a whole, finished stop motion animation within the short period of the residency, making the entire process visible to passers by. One shape representing each letter of the alphabet transforms into another, from A-Z. For added entertainment, a large timer on the wall counted down 15 minutes to mould each shape.
“The film played on a loop to the public, building up model by model as they were completed throughout each day. Each transformation animates in rhythm to its own musical instrument. Layering up one by one until by the end, all the instruments are playing together.”