Rice pudding with fish soup. Broccoli smoothie with goat curry. Scrambled eggs with cat food. These are the sorts of combinations dishwashers deal with every single day. Breakfast dishes with dinner dishes, midnight snack dishes with lunch dishes – they all come together in one festering mess.

‘Combinations’ is the latest campaign from W+K London for Finish Dishwasher Cleaner, set to get people to consider the cleanliness of their own dishwasher. Building on the 2015 Dishwasher Cleaner work, the campaign for 2017 continues asking ‘Who cleans the cleaner?’, yet focuses instead on the uniquely gross combinations that end up being washed every single load.

The campaign is led by a captivating film, directed by The Sacred Egg, along with seasonal cut-downs featuring topical dishes which will run throughout the year. Striking OOH and digital assets are also set to support the campaign.