Arla skyr is bringing the power of Iceland back to TV screens. The new advert called “The Judge”, which was created by Arla and W+K London, captures the spirit of Iceland and focuses on highlighting the strength of the Nordic nation. Featuring everyday folk doing adventurous things across Iceland – all those featured in the ad are fuelled by one secret power: skyr. The Judge’s story builds on “The Messenger’s”, successful stint on TV with its first advert, in that it brings in the small-town nature of Iceland where people like to be kept busy and often work more than one job.

Our creative director Ray says

We’ve loved creating another little episode about Icelandic strength for Arla skyr. It’s a pocket-sized bit of storytelling that builds on the original work, reminding people that if they want to stay on top of their game, they should definitely be chowing down on a protein-rich Icelandic-style yogurt variant.

Arla skyr is made from skimmed cows’ milk which results in a delicious, silky texture that is low in fat, reduced in sugar and naturally high in protein.Not only do the yogurts and drinks have delicious flavours, those who devour skyr set themselves up perfectly to conquer the day ahead.