Our latest Christmas campaign for labels-for-less retailer TK Maxx has given gift giving a bit of a re-boot this year. Unexpected inspiration has arrived from an unusual source, in the form of the Baby Oracle, an 18-month-old baby ‘bot’ with an innate gift for creative present ideas.
The all-knowing, all-seeing gift guru is dropping hints the size of Santa’s sleigh via the TK Maxx brand Facebook page. Baby Oracle lives in Facebook’s Messenger as a virtual gift guide bot for surprising seasonal fun and has the ability to conjure up Christmas delights for all.
Start chatting with the Baby Oracle and you’ll be treated to funny festive GIFs, entertaining emoji’s and plenty of baby talk. After answering some smart questions, the Baby Oracle will even deliver a personalised film to share on Facebook, letting everyone know the Christmas presents you’d love to receive this year. You might just be surprised by how well he knows you…
W+K - TK Maxx Baby Oracle 03