Are you constantly tired? Overworked? Unhappy? Do you like napping but don’t, because you are a normal working adult?

We’ve got you covered!

Introducing… InstaNapzzz! The glasses that make you look awake even when you’re not.

Napping is scientifically proven to improve productivity, but people don’t take naps in fear of being seen as lazy. So W+K creatives Sabine and Claire (creative placement team) and Sam Part (placement designer) wanted to help find a way to get away with a 40-wink productivity boost by making it possible for people to sleep with their eyes wide open.

InstaNapzzz are personalized glasses printed with each user’s own eyes. Thanks to InstaNapzzz, anyone can subtly nod off wherever they desire. And everybody wins: employees feel less tired, their employers get a more productive workforce.

These glasses, far from being a revolutionary innovation, are a playful statement on a bigger issue: raising awareness around napping at work.

Want to get your own free pair? Visit our window installation, designed to echo the visual style of TV infomercials, at our offices between March 30th and April 10th, to make your own InstaNapzzz.

Share your secret snoozes with the world via Instagram using the hashtag #instanapzzz. You may just end up on this very live feed of the best snaps.