Our resident Creative Researcher, Laura Barker, introduces the W+K fund she’s resurrected in London.

In Portland, back in the day, there used to be a prize called ‘Slime Mold’. I have no idea what that even means.

Sporadically people would submit creative ideas and a winner was chosen who then received some money towards something creative that they wanted to do.

Here at W+K London, our lovely management team has deemed to resurrect this fund.

The W+K London version is called the equally baffling ‘Spore Fund’.

So every month we invite the whole agency to submit an idea or creative project that has NOTHING to do with work. The winner is announced at our monthly agency meeting.

Then stuff gets made.


Stuff like:

Katie Anne Harrison’s saucy snapchat lookbook.


Katie put the money towards a project she was working on with a small independent lingerie brand ‘Miss Crofton’, and released a lookbook for the brands new collection exclusively via snap chat.

And Ollie Wolf’s directorial dreams in his film ‘At Dawn’.


Ollie Wolf’s dosh was put towards the production of his film ‘At Dawn’, a true story of WW2 engineer Michael Nash (who happens to be ex-Wiedener Rory Hill’s Grandad)

It’s been great to see these projects bought to life with a little help from the W+K purse.

Watch this space and we’ll keep you updated on what our talented bunch gets up to next.